I reach out to a friend that I haven’t seen in a while, and I say to her, I say to her, “Let’s have lunch at the old spaghetti factory.” She’s a girlfriend, so she says “Of course”.

I’ve never been to a spaghetti factory before, so we’re talking about the sheltered life I’ve lived in my (mumble mumble) years on this Earth. The staff here – in one of only two locations in Colorado – is friendly as everyone walks out, and the host even accepts our joke about stealing one of the velor-covered padded chairs, as long as we promise to get some. drop one in its place. If you’ve never been inside an old spaghetti factory, the decor is the chain restaurant version of Bordello-Lite. Imagine if Disney World had a disreputable house, and you have it. Large ornate hanging lamps. Flocked upholstery on the seats. Lots of mirrors.

But how is the food, you ask. I’m getting there, hold your horses. The Spaghetti Factory’s claim to fame? The Meal starter-main course-dessert. In addition to your entry, you get a “small” dinner salad (which could easily feed two of you mooks), and ice cream for dessert. If there’s even a hint of free ice, my buddy and I are on board, tucking our towels into our shirts.

This salad? It’s pretty big, but my friend says (correctly) that’s about what you’d get with a bagged salad at the grocery store. All fresh, all good, so much, even if “there is not even a tomato”. Balsamic dressing is balsamic dressing, if you know what I mean. But the creamy pesto? It was a real winner, not too spicy with an earthy punch of basil and garlic, well balanced. My girlfriend says she’s craving meat, so she orders the Classic meat sauce. Subtle, nice and herbaceous garlic, a decent amount of ground beef – it’s a really good red sauce with a slow simmered flavor topping its mound of al dente spaghetti.

The waiter tells me that their most popular pasta topping is the Mizithra cheese and hazelnut butter (also on spaghetti). Go figure. That’s what I will have. I am what some would call an adventurous eater. So for me, this dish turns out no quite daring. The server described Mizithra as being similar to feta cheese, but it presents me with a much milder flavor, more like a ricotta salata. Although the browned butter tastes really good, it adds a toasty note to the burst of grated cheese. Inspiration hits me and I steal a fork of meat sauce from my buddy to mix it with a bite of pasta topped with Mizithra. That, my friends, is the mouthful of money. The whole greater than the sum of its parts. Lucky for you, the Director’s Favorite lets you choose two of their signature sauces for your plate of ‘sketti. Pair any red sauce with this Mizithra and you’ll walk away happy.


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