Unimaq in Wrexham hosted an open day inviting visitors to discover the technology behind the can decorating machines.

Unimaq have been based in Wrexham for over 30 years and produce can decorating machines which are used all over the world.

The factory is based on the industrial estate of Wrexham and home-made machines decorate more than 100 million cans across the world every day.

The leader: can designs at UnimaqCan designs at Unimaq (Image: The Chief – Newsquest)

The machines are entirely manufactured on site and take on average around six months.

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These machines can decorate over 2,100 cans per minute and can produce a range of different designs, patterns and textures.

The company has seen a huge increase in demand for can machines over the past few years.

The leader: part manufacturing machine at UnimaqParts manufacturing machine at Unimaq (Image: The Chief – Newsquest)

Mark Derry, Managing Director of Unimaq, said: “The soft drink market has grown and countries want to be able to produce their own cans.

“It’s also more environmentally friendly than different soft drink alternatives because the majority of cans are recyclable.”

Mr Derry said the ongoing war in Ukraine had had a major impact on the Wrexham factory.

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He said: ‘It’s impacted everything from the supply of raw materials to the increase in our energy prices.

According to Mr Derry, the plant’s energy bill has risen from £4,000 last year to around £24,000 this year.

The company reinvests 7% of its profits into research and development and is currently working with technology partners and local and national universities to develop world-leading technology.

The leader: Laser cutter at UnimaqLaser cutter at Unimaq (Image: The Chief – Newsquest)

They are working on developing a system in which LED lasers can be used to precisely cut the jagged edges of cans.

When successfully developed, it would be an industry first and could result in the use of a fraction of the energy currently required.

It would also be durable and the equipment should have a much longer lifespan.

The Leader: Can decorating machine at UnimaqCan decorating machine at Unimaq (Image: The Chief – Newsquest)

Mr Derry believes Unimaq and Wrexham have a successful partnership which he hopes will continue to grow and grow.

The company hopes that over the next few years it will be able to expand its workforce and employ more apprentices to develop its skills at Wrexham.

Mr Derry said: “Wrexham have a lot of skill and a lot of great things are coming out of Wrexham.

“Unimaq and Wrexham are known around the world.”


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