A composable commerce solution built on Acquia and powered by commerce tools, brands can get started within 90 days

NEWARK, Calif., October 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Digital TAa full-service consulting firm focused on data and experience, and Acqueiathe digital experience company, today announced the Commercial plant as Acquia’s preferred composable commerce solution. TA Digital’s first Commerce Factory is ready to launch and can be implemented within 90 days. It leverages Acquia Cloud Platform on the front-end and trade tools‘ An API-first composable commerce platform on the back-end to offer pre-built commerce components that allow marketers to create new experiences without relying on IT staff.

A 2021 Composable business report from TA Digital, Acquia and commercetools highlighted a shift in business preferences from all-in-one commerce solutions to composable ones. The report showed that 70% of respondents viewed a cutting-edge toolset favorably, up from 45% just two years ago. Respondents also recognized the long-term benefits of a composable ecosystem for scalability, but often lacked the integration resources to adopt them.

TA Digital’s Commerce Factory removes that barrier. This is a game-changer for businesses looking to use a composable commerce solution that can scale over time, enabling expansion into new channels and giving marketers complete ownership of site design and configuration. . The solution enables marketers to compose digital commerce experiences that meet D2C, B2C and B2B requirements. The fully managed commerce platform also includes machine learning-based search and recommendation functionality.

“Acquia Cloud Platform provides a foundation for Commerce Factory that enables the scalability and reliability needed for commerce experiences,” says Deanna Ballew, SVP of Acquia DXP Products. “I’m excited to see this solution grow and use more of Acquia Open DXP’s composable offerings to deliver exceptional digital experiences to our mutual customers.”

“As consumer buying habits change, brands are looking to position themselves as trusted entities that understand their customers better than anyone. With Commerce Factory, we offer B2B and B2C organizations the opportunity to demonstrate that by leveraging the power of composable commerce with a fast-to-market framework,” said dr. Ali Alkhafajitechnical director of TA Digital.

“By leveraging the power of Acquia DXP and commercetools’ headless commerce engine, we’re unlocking new levels of flexibility and agility to test, iterate, and pivot in real time,” Dr. Alkhafaji continued. “We are absolutely thrilled to introduce this offering as Acquia’s preferred commerce solution and to help deliver innovative and engaging customer experiences.”

“By leveraging Commerce Factory and composable architecture, enterprises can reduce technical debt and tackle risk head-on,” says Jason Michael O’Rourke, head of global technical strategy at commercetools. “Because commercetools is completely headless, it allows them to meet their customers wherever they are, whether in their favorite video game, embedded in a streaming service, or in-store mobile app, giving them the ability to create a hyper-personalized experience for their customers in an ever-changing world.”

Acquia Cloud Platform is part of Acquia Open Digital Experience Platform (DXP) to accelerate digital transformation and deliver comprehensive digital experiences. An integration with Acquia Personalization is underway to extend content targeting and A/B testing to commerce experiences. From there, further content integrations are planned with Acquia Digital Asset Management (Acquia DAM) for stronger brand management and Acquia Product Information Management (Acquia PIM) for rich product content.

About TA Digital

Digital TA is the only global boutique agency that offers the “best of both worlds” to clients seeking organizational success through digital transformation. Unlike smaller regional agencies that lack the ability to scale or large organizations that succumb to a quantity over quality approach, we offer a diversity of resources while paying meticulous attention to detail that enable strategic success.

Over the past 20 years, TA Digital has positioned its customers to achieve digital maturity by focusing on data, customer centricity and exponential ROI; By combining exceptional user experience and data-driven methodologies with artificial intelligence and machine learning, we enable digital transformations that intelligently build on the strategies we implement. We are recognized as a global leader in helping marketing and technology leaders understand the digital ecosystem while identifying cultural and operational gaps within their business – ultimately leading organizations towards a more mature model and digital landscape. profitable.

About Acquia

Acquia empowers the world’s most ambitious brands to create digital customer experiences that matter. With open source Drupal at its core, the Acquia Digital Experience Platform (DXP) enables marketers, developers, and IT operations teams across thousands of global organizations to rapidly compose and deploy products and digital services that engage customers, improve conversions and help businesses sustain. out. Learn more about https://acquia.com.

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