LandingEdge extends Landing.AI’s LandingLens platform to more manufacturing environments. // Courtesy of Landing.AI

LandingEdge of Palo Alto, Calif., Landing AI, revealed at Automate 2022 in Detroit, extends the capability of the company’s LandingLens visual inspection platform to more manufacturing environments.

With LandingEdge, manufacturers can deploy deep learning visual inspection solutions to enable more factories to better detect product defects consistently.

“These products mark a huge step forward in bringing deep learning solutions to the plant that easily integrate to perform automated inspection for a wide range of applications,” said David L. Dechow, vice President of Awareness and Vision Technology at Landing AI.

“They put ever more powerful tools in the hands of manufacturers and system integrators to rapidly implement inspection solutions that lead to reduced costs, increased productivity and improved customer satisfaction.”

With new industry-leading features, LandingLens customers can more easily integrate with factory infrastructure to communicate with cameras, apply models to images, and make predictions to inform real-time decision making in factory. If the plant is cloud-connected, LandingEdge can update LandingLens with new data to continuously improve deep learning models.

The deep learning model is seven times faster than before by reducing the time needed to train models, enabling customers to perform fast, iterative AI processes and maximize model accuracy.

Deep learning is a key machine vision trend for 2022 and beyond in industrial automated inspection applications, however, deep learning does not make programming an inspection system any easier. The quality of the input data is critical to the quality of the output. Additionally, proper labeling is essential for the implementation of a deep learning inspection system.

LandingLens, first unveiled in 2020, provides Landing AI customers with the end-to-end automated inspection platform that enables manufacturing, quality and AI teams to quickly and easily train, test , confirm and deploy visual inspection solutions based on quality, factory-verified data.


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