Developer of intelligent production cells in additive manufacturing Handleannounced a collaboration with Brandforged, a Massachusetts-based 3D printer manufacturer. The collaboration builds manufacturing resilience by facilitating on-demand industrial production by integrating the Markforged Digital Forge with Handddle’s micro-factory platform and other production process management tools via an application programming interface (API).

Dylan TALEB, co-founder and COO of Handddle, said: “Through this collaboration, manufacturers will be able to rely on an integrated solution to develop their knowledge and control of production processes with data to further strengthen their capabilities. production and achieve the best results while using their Markforged printers.

“Handddle is excited to partner with Markforged to expand API integrations for Handddle and Markforged users looking to achieve industry-leading efficiencies to address quality challenges in strategic markets.” added Co-founder and COO of Handddle.

Integration of Markforged’s Eiger Fleet software platform with the Handddle micro-factory platform and other production process management tools via API. Image via Markforged.

The digital forge – Markforged

All the Markforged systems that would be used in the world, more than 12,000, are connected by the cloud-based platform. According to The Digital Forge, it’s the first in a long line to implement machine learning, which allows the company’s Eiger print preparation software to continuously learn from all 12,000 systems in all 73 national world fleets. The company says that in theory, every print on a connected Markforged system should be more accurate than the last.

Fleet federated learning, used by The Digital Forge, is a type of networked machine learning that relies on information from other nodes, or other printers, in a large network. By constantly exchanging and receiving printer data, the system itself becomes “smarter” day by day, allowing users to benefit from the latest developments via the cloud, the company says. In due course, The Digital Forge and its printers needed to improve their ability to make changes to print jobs mid-process, reducing the number of global print failures on Markforged systems while improving part quality. .

The platform lightens the load on local systems by using cloud resources, the company says. As a result, The Digital Forge can be used to print carbon fiber and metal reinforced parts from a single browser tab.

How does this partnership help customers?

With additive manufacturing, where the manufacturing process can be affected by environmental factors such as temperature and humidity, micro-factories are essential for producing high-quality products at scale. Process monitoring is especially useful for standardizing production and improving process certification for highly regulated industries. It tracks the entire manufacturing process and the circumstances under which a part is developed. The next step toward a factory revolution driven by data-driven manufacturing strategies is to create digital continuity between smart environments and the printers within them. Eiger™

To bridge this gap, SMART FARM from Handddle and Markforged Eiger™ Software Platform have partnered to provide a standardized, factory-ready solution. This solution aims to enable users to manufacture complex parts on Markforged printers consistently, reliably and in any environment, says Markforged.

Ex-situ process monitoring and inspection are features of the integration that aim to ensure production quality and efficiency without manufacturing disruption by automatically updating environmental parameters in real time. The Handddle platform ensures that printers are operated within Markforged guidelines and that parts are produced under ideal and reliable circumstances.

The Handddle application focuses on automating process monitoring and surveillance using production data from Markforged’s Eiger software, leveraging this level of connectivity to meet standardization, traceability and certification of contemporary factories.

“Markforged is known for its reliability and repeatability of 3D printing, enabling the production of large-scale industrial parts,” says Julie van der Hoop, product manager at Markforged. “However, some industries or critical parts require clear reports of constant production parameters, event history and production data for certification before they can be used. This integration aims to make importing, cutting, printing and monitoring seamless, with all your production data in one place.

(PEM) Management of the production environment in the Handddle APP platform with connected Markforged printers.  Image via Markforged.
(PEM) Management of the production environment in the Handddle APP platform with connected Markforged printers. Image via Markforged.

Process monitoring and standardization

Previously 3D printing software developer Sigma Laboratories was chosen by DMG MORIa manufacturer of industrial manufacturing systems, to develop a merger pool monitoring system for its LASERTEC range of SLM machines. Both companies had assessed and confirmed that Sigma’s sole ownership PrintRite3D in-process quality assurance software meets DMG’s customer requirements. In addition, DMG MORI has offered its 3D printers an interface to make them fully “PrintRite ready”.

Otherwise, The FormUp 350 3D printer from AddUp has received accolades in the 3D printing industry since its launch in 2021 for combining safety, quality and productivity, the company says.

Therefore, AddUp introduces three new process monitoring software packages to complete the capabilities of FormUp 350: AddUp dashboards, overlay monitoring and merge monitoring. AddUp claims the software suite will accelerate the implementation of its metal 3D printing technology by improving confidence in part quality for industrial end-use applications and prototyping.

Elsewhere, a standardization of additive manufacturing contract was awarded to Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology (ILT) by International ASTM. The project was used by the Aachen-based institute to select and qualify imaging sensor technology for monitoring 3D printers using laser powder bed fusion (PBF). The project ultimately improved the standardization of machine maintenance and condition monitoring, and ILT also offered cost-saving suggestions to end-users of the technologies.

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The feature image shows the integration of Markforged’s Eiger Fleet software platform with the Handddle micro-factory platform and other production process management tools via API. Image via Markforged.


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