Canadian fashion brand and retail chain Joe Fresh has new premises in Liberty Village, transforming a historic factory into a chic new office.

Conference or meeting rooms with Joe Fresh signature orange chairs.

Located in the former home of The Canada Bread Factory at 2 Fraser Avenue in Liberty Village, the disused and modernized space has undergone a huge transformation in just over a year.

joe's fresh office

Office entrance.

The building was originally part of the Grand Trunk Railway grounds and housed Henry Disston & Sons, a supplier of saws. In 1960, it turned into a bread factory for the next 50 years.

joe's fresh office

Garage doors.

Just steps from the retailer’s latest office on Atlantic Avenue, the space is also shared by Vena Solutions and includes a rooftop terrace, in-house social studio and multiple flexible workspaces.

joe's fresh office

Main hallway.

The first steps into the building lead you through a long and spacious hallway, ideal for hosting parties and guests. Transparent garage doors line the hallway allowing a peak inside the workspace.

joe's fresh office

Modern touches with a historical background.

The main office doors welcome employees and visitors into an open and airy space, a mix of industrial and minimalist vibes.

joe's fresh office

Bright and airy space.

Hints of the signature Joe Fresh orange are depicted throughout the building which is full of sunlight thanks to hundreds of windows.

joe's fresh office

Main workspace.

Aimed at allowing employees to collaborate freely with constraints, the forward workspace houses a mix of standing desks and lockers.

joe's fresh office

Collaborative space.

The office also offers showrooms for men’s, women’s and children’s clothing showcasing the season’s newest looks.

joe's fresh office

Wide and open concept design.

They were designed to look specifically like a Joe Fresh retailer, with clothes hanging from the racks.

Other amenities include an all-new kitchen, spacious conference rooms, breakout rooms, mothers’ spaces, and gender-neutral bathrooms.

joe's fresh office


It is extremely important for a fashion retailer to have dedicated shelving, closets, and other storage space for tons of clothing samples.

joe's fresh office

Clothing area.

The whole project took 15 months, from buying the building to moving the entire team just two months ago in September.

joe's fresh office

Street view.

Much like similar spaces in the converted Liberty Village offices, the Joe Fresh space retains the “factory” or “manufacturing” look of its history while enhancing it with modern touches.


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