The Sherburn-based factory may only be four years old, but the company is one of the UK market leaders. It is a steel subcontracting company, specializing in two different aspects of steel construction.

Firstly, the factory has a design and construction side, which specializes in the complete design, fabrication and installation of structural steel which is mainly for the industrial construction sector – large warehouses, factories, mezzanine structures, warehouses refrigerators and multi-storey cars. parks.

Secondly, the factory has a product and processing side, which includes two main products that they are currently working on.

These two products are Severstor, a bespoke steel container that houses critical electrical systems and Rotoflo, a silo dump unit that adapts to the bottom of any site law.

Traditionally, the factory consisted of fabricators, welders and machine operators, but now the company is growing rapidly and they are now looking for electricians, mechanical fitters and electrical fitters.

Although they pride themselves on being a local factory that hires local staff, they also support local charities and have a designated charity they fundraise for.The Scarborough News went to take a look at the factory and learn more about it.


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