Now that players are in the factory, they will need to solve the Atomic Battery puzzle to free it from its confinements.

Sneaking into the Neco factory in Stray was only part of the quest. Now that they’re inside, players and B-12 will need to work together in order to free the Atomic Battery and return it to Clementine. Although this puzzle may seem a bit difficult at first, players already have all the tools they need to complete it.

Here’s who to solve the puzzle and escape with the battery.

Players will first enter the area by pushing a barrel or oil drum into the room. However, they will soon find themselves blocked by a black metal column containing the battery in a double-layered glass cylinder at the top. This will stop the barrel and make further use impossible – for now. Once they exit the drum, they should see a square bot on the right, standing on one of the three panels on the floor.

Here are the steps needed to complete the puzzle:

  1. Activate the first Bot on the panel to follow you.
  2. Take him to the chain link fence on the far left of the area.
  3. Once near the fence, deactivate the bot.
  4. Jump on the robot and use it to jump up and then across the fence.
  5. Pull the lever to open the fence gate.
  6. Activate the second bot and bring it to either of the left or right panels, disabling it when the panel lights up.
  7. Activate the first bot and bring it to the opposite panel, disabling it when the panel lights up.
  8. Climb back inside the oil barrel and move it forward to rest on the last farthest panel until it lights up.

From there, the battery should be vulnerable and players can remove it from its column. All that remains is to escape the factory in one piece.


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