Get the latest Gumball Factory Tycoon codes for boosts and a free Sugar Rush! Send your gumballs to the moon with these codes.

We have the latest Gumball Factory Tycoon Codes, a Roblox tycoon game all about the classic game of gumball. Build awesome tracks and send those gumballs spiraling and win – you’ll earn more for the awesomeness of your machines! This is a classic type of Roblox game, which is sure to have you playing, and we love it just as much as other tycoon games like Car Dealership Tycoon and Farm Factory Tycoon. Use these Gumball codes for a free Sugar Rush buff and some extra cash to get you started.

We have added a new code on August 18.

All Gumball Factory Tycoon Codes

All Gumball Factory codes working as of August 2022.

Coded Reward
100KLIKES 2 x Money and 15 Minute Sugar Rush
GUMBALLIS4FANS Cash bonus, but you must be a party member to redeem
80KLIKES 10k cash and 4 minute sugar rush boost
SUGAR BALLS 5k Cash and 3x Sugar Rush
60KLIKES 8k cash and sugar rush
MORE ERASER $4,500 free money and two minutes of Sugar Rush boost

Codes are case sensitive – make sure these numbers, capitals and punctuation are correct.


Expired Codes

  • THX20KLIKES – 2.5 x money and 2 minutes of Sugar Rush boost
  • 15KLIKES – double cash and 2 minutes of Sugar Rush
  • YUMMYGUMS – 1.5k free money and Sugar Rush buff
  • MOARMONEY – double cash and 2 minutes of Sugar Rush
  • BUBBLEGUMES – 2k free money and 1 minute Sugar Rush boost
  • YAYFREEGUMS – 2.5k free money and 1 minute Sugar Rush boost
  • GUM4FANS – get free in-game rewards
  • 10MILVISITS – $3,500 free money and 2 minutes of Sugar Rush
  • 45KLIKES – double money and two minute sugar rush boost
  • 10KCASH – double sugar rush boost and free money
  • 4TH JULY

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How to Redeem Codes in Gumball Factory Tycoon

It’s easy!

  • Tap the Settings button on the right
  • enter your code
  • Enjoy the rewards!

If the code doesn’t work, or if it says “invalid”, that means the code has expired or you entered it correctly. Be sure to copy and paste directly from our list into the code box, then check back soon to see if any more new codes have been added! We check every day.

What is Gumball Factory Tycoon?

Have you ever seen a chewing gum dispenser in front of a store? You push in a coin and it drops candy? It’s exactly that but in Roblox form! You can build your own awesome chewing gum machine. It’s a classic tycoon game, which means you start with nothing but a few simple conveyor belts and other machinery. It’s a bit difficult to access some of the biggest and best additions for your base, but these codes will give you a head start!

Latest Gumball Update

Update 10 is the achievement update! Not only did we get a new code for 80,000 likes on the game, but the latest update also added many new achievements that you can complete to earn additional in-game boosts. Learn more on the game’s official page.​​​​​​​

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