DyeMansion made a series of announcements to Next formincluding new products and new partnerships.

Fuse S PP

At Formnext 2022, DyeMansion presents its new Powerfuse S PP system for smoothing 3D printed polypropylene. The Powerfuse S PP is the first-ever green vapor polishing solution for highly industrial manufacturing and surface enhancements beyond aesthetics to smooth 3D printed PP according to the company.

DyeMansion’s Fuse S The model works with all common rigid and flexible materials on the market such as PA, TPU, ULTEM and more, while the Powerfuse S PP is dedicated to processing polypropylene.

“After seven years of activity developing workflow solutions for our customers, I am delighted to see that the factory of the future is becoming a reality, also thanks to our latest products. Together with our customers and partners, we build different factories for high-volume applications all over the world. At Formnext, we show how anyone can implement our solutions in their own factory. Connectivity, automation, and repeatable quality are the prerequisites for a successful future for your plant,” said Felix Ewald, CEO and co-founder of DyeMansion.

DyeMansion said the high degree of automation and closed-loop circulation with integrated solvent recovery were among the key factors for the new system.

DyeMansion 360° Digital Services

DyeMansion has announced its first family of digital products, DyeMansion 360° Digital Services. The product line includes the DyeMansion Workflow Center, DyeMansion Data Connect and DyeMansion Remote Service.

DyeMansion Workflow Center is a cloud-based, browser-based web application. DyeMansion selected Siemens MindSphere as a framework to create its product. It offers live monitoring, custom alerts, and ready-to-use run history right out of the box with plug and play. The company says customers can monitor and analyze their own workflow.

DyeMansion Data Connect provides on-site machine and process data for MES/ERP systems. Remote service enables maximum uptime through hands-on troubleshooting, more efficient collaboration through focused support, and reduced resources with “fast and efficient” remote service, according to DyeMansion.

The company will present a live demo of the DyeMansion Workflow Center at Formnext this week. The company also joins the CO-AM software platform for materialize as it attempts to advance mass AM production as a post-processing partner. According to the company, the Print-to-Product workflow can be accessed seamlessly on CO-AM with a standardized OPC-UA interface.

A first demo will take place on the Materialize stand at Formnext: Hall 12.1, Stand C139.

Partnership with Nexa3D

Dye Mansion and Nexa3D announced a strategic partnership to automate end-to-end additive manufacturing workflows, from printing to finished parts. This partnership will leverage DyeMansion’s automated post-processing hardware, Nexa3D’s throughput capabilities QLS 820 printer, as well as Siemens printer PLC integration and powerful NexaX manufacturing software for QLS.

“Nexa3D is driving innovation to digitize the supply chain in a sustainable way by making the world’s fastest polymer 3D printers affordable for professionals and businesses of all sizes,” said Kevin McAlea, COO of Nexa3D. “It is only natural that we partner with DyeMansion, the leading provider of automated post-processing solutions for powder bed fusion, to ensure that our industrial customers can take advantage of end-to-end high-throughput manufacturing capabilities. end and reduce their total cost of operation.”

DyeMansion says this strategic partnership will help users easily manage productivity and product quality.

Partnership with HP, qualification of new materials for its post-processing platform

specific to the new HP Jet Fusion 5420WHP is working closely with DyeMansion to offer connected post-processing workflows for finishing and coloring white parts produced with the new HP solution.

According to DyeMansion, it provides a wide range of vibrant colors with great color consistency and different finishes depending on application needs. At Formnext, companies showcase a variety of end pieces to highlight surface finishing and coloring capabilities.

“As an experienced MJF parts supplier, we are excited about the new possibilities that can be achieved with the white MJF parts made possible by the HP 3D HR PA 12W material. We see huge potential, especially in the segment of healthcare, to increase customer satisfaction with very good detail resolution and the new coloring and surface options, provided by DyeMansion’s systems, that this new material brings to market,” said Henry Lundell, Senior Business development at Prototal.

Since Formnext last year, DyeMansion has gained 12 new business partners and nine new production partners. This brings the total number of partners to 85. The business is expanding into new regions such as Israel with 3Dreams and mafilRomania with NutechnologiesItaly with Energy GroupWATER with Dynagraph and Japan with Yokoito.

Yokoito CEO and Founder Yutaro Nakajima-san said, “Japan is historically a country that attaches great importance to product quality. In Japan, for example, layer lines and unstable post-processing quality have hampered the widespread adoption of 3D printing technology for many years. DyeMansion has the core technology that solves these problems, and we believe that if the technology becomes mainstream, PBF as a manufacturing technology will advance rapidly in Japan.

Lubrizol also validated the Powerfuse S for smoothing its semi-rigid TPU materials. ESTANE 3D M95A TPU, produced with HP Multi Jet Fusion is certified for skin sensitivity and can be dyed according to DyeMansion.

Work with BASF, DyeMansion has released a new white paper titled “Post-Processing Optimization for Ultrasint TPU01” focused on depowdering, vapor polishing and dyeing of Ultrasint TPU0, printed on HP Multi Jet Fusion. Finished truss parts from BASF and other material suppliers as well as the white paper can be viewed at the DyeMansion booth.

It was also announced that Stratasys‘The new SAF PA12 powder will be supplied by new materials partner ALM for the H350 3D printer. The powder has been validated with the Print-to-Product workflow and the parts produced with it can be experienced on both stands.

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