Metal in video games certainly made an appearance in the 90s. Some examples include Bobby Prince writing Chained Alice and Pantera-inspired tracks for Loss in 1993 and Nine inch nails brain Trent Reznor write tracks for earthquake in 1996.

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Now in an interview with Sound Perspectivesguitarist Dino Cazares throws fear factory‘s into the mix as a band that helped push forward the now obvious combination of metal and gaming. Cazares cite remix albums like fear factorynot only in gaming, but also in industrial clubs and success beyond the world of metal.

“Well, in 1993, when Fear is the mind killer came out, a lot of people weren’t sure what to make of it because it was pretty extreme for the time. You know, because if you listen to the band’s first album The soul of a new machine, we were quite brutal. We were a cross between death metal, grindcore and industrial music, and then we even had melodic elements in there that [threw people off].

“Then all of a sudden, when we released the remixes EP, it was like, ‘what the hell is that?’ People just got used to what we do [what we did]. So when Manufacturing came out people were like ‘okay we like that about fear factory.’ This is another element that we have.

“I’m glad we got to do it again [with 2022’s Recoded] because I remember when we did the first ones, it really got us into clubs, like different clubs. fear factory was played in industrial techno dance clubs and it was really cool because it opened up a whole new door for us.

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“Then when we did Refurbishment in 1997 all of a sudden video game companies started [calling us]. We’ve been out in tons of video games and that opened the door for us in that market. i like to think that fear factory were the pioneers, or at least one of the first groups, that really got involved in the video game industry in 1997.”

A quick look at fear factory‘s in games in the late 90s and it’s pretty obvious the band went to great lengths to get featured. fear factory had three songs in Carmageddonthree in the last Road test series, and five in demolition runneramong others.

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