Dusseldorf, Germany — Dr. Boy GmbH & Co. KG has a next-generation press that improves energy efficiency, a reformatted control system to advance Industry 4.0, and it has switched to solar power in its factory of injection molding machines to compensate for the sharp increase in electricity costs.

Sustainability, automation and cost control are at the forefront for the family business and its customers who manufacture PET preforms, rubber products, liquid silicone rubber products, devices in cleanrooms and Moreover.

Founded in 1968, Dr. Boy has delivered over 50,000 presses worldwide with clamping forces up to 125 tons.

At K 2022, the Neustadt-Fernthal, Germany-based company launched a next-generation press called the Boy XS E – the Boy XS was released 13 years ago – with a more efficient servo motor pump drive.

“In addition to the energy advantages provided by the drive technology of the E-series, the servo drive of the new BOY XS E is also distinguished by its high dynamics and extremely smooth operation”, according to Martin Kaiser, Head of Technology at Boy .

The modified machine also offers a more ergonomic design and better accessibility. A pull-out drawer has been integrated into the front of the machine frame for maintenance and cleaning purposes.

At K 2022, Boy showed two of the medium-sized presses, one producing polypropylene mounting bolts in a cycle time of 15.6 seconds and the other dispensing NAS 30 material egg cups in a cycle time of 28 seconds. The egg cups are unmolded by a robot and placed on a conveyor belt.

The Boy XS E is available with two different clamping plate configurations: a standard design for conventional mold sizes up to 160 millimeters as well as a special holder for micro molds.

The new press is also equipped with the next-generation Alpha 6 control system, which features a larger screen and multitouch technology. Target quantities and tolerances can be set, displayed and monitored.

Along with a larger screen, the controller is flexible and attractive, according to Marko Koorneef, president of Boy Machines Inc.

“Alpha 6 is more compatible with Industry 4.0 and offers more communication with coolers, TCUs [temperature control units] and dryers,” Koorneef said.

In future, a new cooling water distribution system will also be standard to digitally record the flow rates set on the machine display.


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