A 25-year-old man has been jailed after a raid at a cannabis factory uncovered £48,000 worth of drugs.

Arben Rekaj, of no fixed address, appeared on Thursday October 13 before Ipswich Crown Court, where he was sentenced to eight months in prison.

He had previously pleaded guilty to a charge of producing a class B drug, namely cannabis.

Rekaj was arrested on Saturday August 6, after officers raided an unused store in St Helens Street.

When the police forced open the barricaded front door, they could hear movement inside the building.

Meanwhile, another group of officers had gone to secure the rear of the building where Rekaj jumped out of a first floor window and ran onto a flat roof, only to be grabbed and arrested.

Inside the building, officers found 99 cannabis plants, half of which were mature and ready to harvest.

The crop had an estimated value of around £48,000.

Four of the rooms had been lined and insulated to avoid detection and UK Power Networks were called in to assist and secure the building.

Sergeant Dave Logan, of the South Sentinel team who witnessed the incident, said: ‘This cannabis factory had been running undetected for some time, hidden in plain sight.

“The path to its discovery began when officers from the South Sentinel team stopped a vehicle on the outskirts of Ipswich and found evidence to suggest there was a potential cannabis facility at an address in the town. .

“We subsequently conducted an investigation to establish his whereabouts before obtaining a warrant to enter the property.

“I am happy to see that Arben Rekaj has been imprisoned for his part in this crime.

“There is a misconception that cannabis is harmless, however, not only does it put a strain on the police and the NHS, but the revenue is often used to fund high profile crime groups.

“Cannabis plants are very dangerous and I’m glad this one is no longer a risk. I urge the public to report suspicious behavior to us so that we can continue to assess this and take action if necessary.

“The Sentinel and Scorpion teams are proactive units that have been formed to disrupt, deter and ultimately prosecute organized crime of this nature. We will continue to make Suffolk a hostile environment for those involved in the drug supply chain and other serious offenses which ravage our neighborhoods and cause misery for many people.


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