A mini gun factory has been discovered in Dauna village under Sajore police station in Bhagalpur.

Shyamanand Singh

Bhagalpur Under the contemporary raid in Dauna from Sajaur police station area of ​​the district, based on secret information, Vraja B team of Sajaur police and Bhagalpur police. During the raid, the house of Mohammad Ikram’s father, Aurangzeb from Dauna village under Sajore police station, was raided, during the raid, a mini gun factory was discovered in Mohammad’s house Ikram. The same legal system, Dr. Gaurav Kumar, told a press conference that the tools and materials needed to manufacture illegal weapons had been recovered in large quantities. In which 6 keyboard mobiles and 1 Android phone from the Oppo company,

A pre-made field gun, with a semi-constructed rifle, a semi-finished 12 bore, an 8 bore iron pipe and a barrel drill 15 small 6 sandball boring cutters, a live work (132 bore) a live cartridge (12 bore) a live cartridge 7. 62 mm, 315 bore 2 mini craft fire iron, 3 pliers, two iron saw blades, red drawing of different diameters, 17 pieces small scissors, three pieces mini building etc . collected have arrived. The same legal system Dr. Gaurav Kumar said there are two other defendants who are on the run, they will also be arrested soon. The police are investigating.


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